Iowa psychiatrist's license revoked for numerous prescribing complaints

September 1, 2006

The Iowa Board of Medical Examiners revoked the license of psychiatrist James Yeltatzie after the last in a series of complaints and investigations dating back 15 years, including those for inappropriate sexual behavior and questionable prescribing practices.

His Iowa license was suspended in 1991, after he was accused of making improper physical contact with and improper remarks and advances to three patients. His license was reinstated in 1994 with a five-year probation, which he violated in 1999. He was fined by the Board for practicing outside of psychiatry, improperly using controlled or prescription drugs and not filing required reports with the board.

In 2002, the Board began receiving numerous complaints about Yeltatzie's prescribing practices. Multiple investigations began, documents say. The Board began a peer review with two psychiatrists in late 2005. That investigation resulted in the revocation.


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