Board places counselor Brooke Randolph on probation for excessive interest rate, confidentiality

January 11, 2013

On August 9, 2012, the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Board placed licensed mental health counselor Brooke Randolph on probation for no less than one year.

The Board’s order states that Randolph, who in the capacity of court-ordered parenting coordinator failed to make every reasonable effort to advance the welfare and best interests of the client by charging monthly compounded interest at 5%, more than three times the rate recommended by the Indiana Parenting Coordination Guide; failed to deal honestly with her clients by producing invoice statements which failed to list an APR, the generation date and other pertinent information and by frequently changing the format of the invoices she sent the client.

Randolph also disclosed confidential information regarding the client, the ex-spouse and their child to an unrelated third party.

The Board’s documents states that Randolph’s billing procedures resulted in interest charges to the client in excess of 40% for parenting coordination services.


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