Kansas board places psychiatrist Vernon Kliewer on probation for care violations

February 25, 2009

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts issued a Consent Order on psychiatrist Vernon L. Kliewer, placing him on indefinite probation with practice monitoring.  According the Board’s document, Dr. Kliewer “deviated from the standard of care, inappropriately prescribed medication and failed to adequately document in the…medical records” of six patients.  Dr. Kliewer did not contest the allegations against him.  The monitoring of his practice will include the review of 12 patient charts per month by a licensed and Board-approved monitor; Kliewer will bear the cost of monitoring.  He shall also pay $13,079 in costs to the Board.

(Consent Order, In the Matter of Vernon L. Kliewer, M.D., License No. 04-12162, Docket No. 07-HA-61, Kansas Board of Healing Arts, February 25, 2009.)


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