Virginia suspends license of psychiatrist Abdul Durrani for violations involving 13 patients

December 13, 2012

On September 12, 2012, the Virginia Board of Medicine indefinitely suspended the license of psychiatrist Abdul Durrani based on violations he committed involving 13 patients between July 2004 and June 1010, in that he maintained minimal information and documentation related to physical examinations, treatment plans, prescriptions issued, responses to narcotic usage and therapeutic results and that he additionally failed to record adequate justification or medical indication for the amounts and frequency of the narcotics and other controlled substances he prescribed.

The document specifically states that Durrani failed to perform adequate physical exams on certain patients; continued to prescribed controlled substances to two patient  who he knew were receiving methadone treatment; continued to prescribe controlled substances to five patients whom knew were narcotic dependent or had engaged in illegal drug use and prescribed controlled substances and other drugs to nine patients for whom he did not render a diagnosis which justified such prescriptions, among other things. 

2013-01-25 14:13:30
Even worse, he is not a psychiatrist. He is a family practioner.
2013-01-25 14:19:20
The Virginia Board of Medicine shows that he has declared two specialties, one of which is psychiatry:

License Number 0101028628
Occupation Medicine & Surgery
Specialization General Practice (Self Proclaimed)
Psychiatry (Self Proclaimed)
Address of Record HOPEWELL, VA 23860
Initial License 09/10/1977
Expire Date 09/12/2012
License Status Suspended
Additional Public Information* Yes

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