Ontario psychiatrist Stanley Dobrowolski arrested for sexual assault and voyeurism

November 7, 2012

A London psychiatrist with a long history of sexual impropriety is behind bars after London police charged him Tuesday with sexual assault and voyeurism.

Dr. Stanley Dobrowolski, 65, who was suspended Oct. 12 by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, is being investigated by the force’s sexual- assault and child-abuse sections.

Female patients were videotaped during physical examinations without their knowledge, police said.

Dobrowolski is accused of abusing his position of trust by inappropriately touching a patient or conducting an unnecessary physical examination, police said.

The charges stem from incidents between 2005 and 2011.

Police said they’ll oppose Dobrowolski’s release if he applies for bail. He’s scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Dobrowolski’s history is marked with reprimands for professional misconduct involving female patients.

In May 1995, his licence was suspended for three months after he engaged in a sexual relationship with a former patient — a student — who came to him after attempting suicide.

He was reprimanded for showing a student how to give herself a breast exam after she had come in to talk about her depression.

Allegations by three other women were dismissed at that time.

In 2001, Dobrowolski was again reprimanded for professional misconduct and required supervision for five months.

Three years later in 2004, he pleaded guilty to kissing and hugging a female patient, a student he treated at Western University’s student-health centre, during a night spent at a hotel in 1992. By that time, at least 12 women had launched official complaints against him.

In all, he’s been found guilty by regulators four times. The string of violations has so far netted him two three-month suspensions and two reprimands.

Investigators believe former patients may have information that will assist them. They can call police at 519-660-5842.

The public can also contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario toll-free at 1-800-268-7096, ext. 603.

Source: Scott Taylor, "Psychiatrist has a history of sexual misconduct with patients," London Free Press, November 6, 2012.


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