California places psychiatrist Jennifer Lynn McClain on probation based on Massachusetts suspension

September 27, 2012

On September 27, 2011, the Medical Board of California placed psychiatrist Jennifer Lynn McClain on probation for four years with terms and conditions.

In July 2010, McClain, who practices primarily in the state of Massachusetts, was suspended indefinitely by the licensing authority of that state due to having become too closely involved with a patient and for engaging in conduct that calls into question her competence to practice medicine. 

The suspension was later set aside and McLain was placed on probation for five years with conditions.

Conditions of McLain’s Massachusetts probation include that she is not allowed to practice in any setting other than at a community health center (i.e., she must close her private practice) and that her practice must be under Board supervision for the full five years.

Terms of her California probation are similar.


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