Florida psychologist Johann N. Prewett suspended in interest of public safety

January 5, 2009

The Florida Department of Health issued an Order of Emergency Suspension of License on psychologist Johann N. Prewett, Ph.D. According to the Order, “On or about May 20, 2008…patient BNB, a 15-year-old male, had an appointment to see Dr. Prewett at his office. BNB’s mother accompanied him to the appointment. Just prior to seeing BNB…Dr. Prewett stepped out of his office to speak to BNB’s mother…at which time [she] observed that Dr. Prewett’s hands were shaking and he was slurring his words. Dr. Prewett went back into his office with BNB…and…spoke to BNB in a hostile voice, including the use of profanity, and called him a ‘psycho’ all of which was overheard by BNB’s mother. Then, Dr. Prewett screamed at BNB and BNB’s mother to leave his office, but…BNB’s mother realized that she needed Dr. Prewett to sign a form…. When she returned to [his] office, she found him prone, lying on the floor, but conscious. BNB’s mother then called 911 and a…Sheriff’s Deputy arrived…and found [Prewett] standing but appearing to be disoriented with the odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath. …Prewett admitted he had consumed a couple of gin and Sprites, that he is diabetic and may have had low blood sugar, and that he keeps his gin bottles in his desk drawer in his office.” Following a November 12, 2008 Order Compelling an Examination, it was determined that “Dr. Prewett’s capacity to function as a therapist has been significantly impaired by his alcoholism….” The Board found that Dr. Prewett’s conduct violated state statutes in that he is unable to practice as a result of a mental or physical condition or by reason of illness, drunkenness or excessive use of drugs, etc. and that his continued practice constitutes an immediate serious danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the public.

(Order of Emergency Suspension, Johann N. Prewett, Ph.D., License Number PY 4331, Case Number 2008-15286, State of Florida Department of Health, 5 January 2009.)


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