Medical board places Menendez brothers' psychiatrist on probation

September 26, 2012

On May 30, 2012, the Medical Board of California stayed revocation of psychiatrist William Tice Vicary’s medical license and placed him on 35 months of probation with terms and conditions.

In September 2011, the Board issued an Accusation against Vicary of gross negligence, incompetence, repeated negligent acts and recordkeeping failures.

According to the document, Vicary began seeing a patient whom he knew from having worked with him at a clinical counseling center.

Some time in 2007, Vicary began serving as a supervisor for the patient, relative to the patient’s work as a psychological assistant.

Among other things, Vicary failed to separate his roles as the patient’s supervisor and his doctor and failed to conduct an initial or subsequent physical examination before repeatedly prescribing dangerous drugs to him (including the stimulants Adderall and Provigil, an erectile dysfunction medication and a testosterone replacement—without supporting lab tests or physical exams).

An April 30, 2010 inspection of his office by the Medical Board of California found that he kept numerous bottles of patient medications (including controlled substances), many of which were expired in an unsecured area of his office and that he confirmed that he sometimes gave patients medications that belonged to other patients.

In 1990, Vicary was engaged by defense counsel for Erik Menendez, who was ultimately convicted with his brother Lyle in the murder of their parents. Vicary was Erik Menendez’s forensic/treating psychiatrist. In 1998, after the conclusion of the trial, Vicary’s license was placed on probation when it was found that he had altered his treatment notes on Menendez with the purpose of concealing statements made by Menendez which Menendez’s attorney objected to. He destroyed the originals. This alteration and destruction came to light after Vicary provided a copy of the originals to the prosecution’s psychiatric expert, who compared them to what had been entered earlier into testimony).

Source: Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order in the Matter of William Tice Vicary, M.D., Physician and Surgeon Certificate No. G-30953, Case 02-2008-194534 and Accusation in the Matter of the Accusation Against William Tice Vicary, M.D., Case No. 02-2008-194534, Medical Board of California.

Andrik schapers
2012-09-28 06:43:53
Another cancerous outgrowth in the society sprayed with the
Light of justice thank you guys for the information and for shining
The light of truth on these insane liers and criminals can,t wait
To see the day that its outlawed plus its aplications in all the dried
Out and corrupt branches of government that use their "science.


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