California issues charges against psychiatrist Charles A. Eubanks for negligence, prescribing violations

August 11, 2012

The Medical Board of California issued an Accusation against psychiatrist Charles A. Eubanks, alleging gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, excessive prescribing, prescribing controlled substances to an addict, prescribing dangerous drugs without prior examination and medical indication and record keeping failures.

According to the Board’s document, Eubanks prescribed controlled substances to a patient where there was no medical indication for such treatment; failed to address the patient’s misuse or diversion of the drugs; failed to perform random urine toxicology on the patient; based his prescriptions for controlled substances on requests from the patient and/or the patient’s father and failed to consider and/or document the use of other non-addictive medications and their effectiveness in treating pain, among other things.

Source: Accusation in the Matter of the Accusation Against Charles Aubrey Eubanks, M.D., License No. C33728, Case No. 02-2010-207961, Medical Board of California.


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