California psychologist Alice Berkowitz's criminal conviction leads to license board action

August 11, 2012

On January 17, 2012, the California Board of Psychology placed Alice Berkowitz, Ph.D.’s license on probation for five years with terms and conditions.

The Board’s Accusation states that Berkowitz underwent spinal surgery in early 2004 and was unable to work from February 2004 through at least December 2004.

Based on this inability to work, she applied for and received disability payments from both Liberty Mutual Insurance and Unum Provident.

However, during the period for which she was receiving payments for total disability, she worked and received income from work.

In December 2007, in the matter entitled The People of the State of California vs. Alice R. Berkowitz (Case No. BA331072), Berkowitz was charged with 21 felony fraud and theft counts relative to having applied for and received benefits when she was evidently able to work.

Berkowitz was ultimately found guilty of one of the charges and was sentenced July 28, 2010 to two years summary probation.

Among the conditions of her license probation are the imposition of a billing monitor and reimbursement of the Board’s costs of investigation and enforcement of $12,878.

Source: Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against Alice Berkowitz, Ph.D., License No. PSY 9223, Case No. 1F-2008-189371, OAH No. 2011070019, California Board of Psychology.

J DeYoung
2014-03-14 01:29:58
Thank you for posting this. Unfortunately, her unprofessionalism and negligent attitude carries over into her work. I wish I had not taken my attorney's advice to NOT report her to the Board of Psych back in 2007-2008.

Arnon Raphael
2015-03-08 11:01:24
Yes, she has extreme ethical problems

2015-03-27 18:30:32
Thank you for posting this and keeping it up on the web. She is a criminal not just defrauding the state of money but she will take you and your family for every penny you have, over bill, do crap work and then seek revenge on you in nasty ways if you rub her the wrong way or not make her payments which seem to go up and up without warrant. She'll recommend that you don't have visits. Thank God she's no longer welcome at family court for her criminal actions. Any one who hires this fraud as an expert or evaluator will be greatly sorry. The way she acts and is always sniffing caused me to worry about maybe drugs from the get go to.

Armen Grigorian
2015-04-07 22:00:49
Thank you for this report. She was 730 evaluator in my case. She's the biggest liar i ever see. Anbelivable case with Jodge M.Linfield. I still have my case if anibothi interesting.

J. Popeye
2015-07-07 13:59:33
This business should be shut down. So unprofessional and greedy. Stay away from this woman. Saying nothing about her fraud conviction, she is not much of a doctor. Visit her office and I guarantee you will see what I mean. Totally destroyed my case.

J Moorman
2015-11-14 13:15:08
She lies about her finances, she lies about her clients, too. She is a hired gun for an unethical attorney prosecuting a fraudulent case for domestic violence and alleged Stockholm Syndrome.

2015-11-30 12:01:38
Sept 2 2015 the board is wanting to revoke her probation and suspend her license. She's a fraud, criminal and a thief. Google tat!

2016-02-25 18:49:38
Run for the hills, this woman is still practicing and allowed to still have her license?!? She over bills, is unethical beyond belief. There have been so many board complaints by other patients and clients I cannot believe they let this woman continue to violate affluent people who she dupes into double billing and if you dare question it or ask for invoices she will threaten the police and legal action. She actually is insane as well as being a criminal..

Linda Tee
2018-01-11 17:35:29
Apparently she is still issuing competency findings for some attorneys in the area. That is sad!

Sue Sykes
2019-02-19 13:53:48
J DeYoung, you could still file the complaint. The Board may not be able to act on your sole report, but there are probably other people who have filed complaints or who will file them in the future. It'd be better to have your complaint on file than not.

Mark Klien
2019-06-22 15:11:39
She is on probation once again, but has been getting away with praying on vulnerable families trying to getting as much money as possible. I recommend anyone who has had problems with this dr to call or email the board of psychology to let them know what happened in your case even if you think it was to long ago. She operates like she is above the law. She may know alot because of her training and whatnot but she is not a safe choice as a therapist or if you get conned to then hire her for your case. She made extra charges thousands of dollars to our credit cards without our approval then blamed it on her assistants or some electrical problem in the building. Then lied she was out of town, flying here and there. Not true as we called to make an appointment and guess what she was at the office! She tried to convince my wife to get such and such medication and tried to get her to try different doctors "doing her a favor." I don't think so. She claims to have celebrity clients then gossips about them. And the back of the throat constasntingly snorking she does through her nose during the session is she on cocaine? Who knows but its amazing she's still practicing with all of these complaints.

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