Board places psychologist David Van Zak on probation for negligence

August 11, 2012

On January 26, 2012, the California Board of Psychology placed David Van Zak, Ph.D.’s license on probation for five years.

According to the Board’s Accusation, Van Zak committed, among other things, repeated acts of negligence by accepting financial gifts from a patient, as well as the patient’s invitation to join her and her husband on a Mexican cruise.

Further, Van Zak conducted an intervention for the patient in which he and his son stayed at her home over a three-day period while he delivered biofeedback, and individual and couples therapy to the patient and her husband.

Lastly, Van Zak billed for sessions of face-to-face therapy services but did not possess records for the dates of the claims.

Van Zak also employed the patient in his office for an approximately five-month period, ending with Van Zak terminating her.

Source: Decision and Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against David Van Zak, Ph.D., Psychologist License No. PSY 10747, Case No. 1F-2009-200820, OAH No. 2011060027, California Board of Psychology.


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