Florida psychologist Robert Pensa gives up license following investigation into sex with patient

December 2, 2008

The Florida Board of Psychology issued a Final Order on psychologist Robert Pensa, Ph.D., accepting his offer of voluntary relinquishment of his license. According to a State of Florida Department of Health Investigative Report, a former patient filed a complaint against Dr. Pensa in January 2008. The Report contains the following data: “This investigation is predicated on receipt of a…Complaint…from [patient] J.F.-P. [who] alleges that PENSA failed to meet the minimum standards of performance in professional activities by engaging patients in sexual relations. PENSA started seeing J.F.-P. as a patient in April 2002. J.F.-P. is a 37-year-old, female patient that began to have a sexual relationship with PENSA in November 2004. J.F.-P. was a patient until November 2007. J.F.-P. ended the sexual relationship after learning PENSA had sexual relations with 2 other patients since November 2004. PENSA has offered to sign a voluntary relinquishment.”

(Final Order, Department of Health v. Robert Pensa, Ph.D., Case No. 2008-00668, License No. PY 5146, 2 December 2008.)

2010-09-13 22:28:34
I knew Julie and really worsened under his care along with the other patients. This doc was able to keep her from exposing him for quite a long time, I am glad she finally did the right thing.

2010-11-17 14:37:42
This Doctor was not an MD, but would provide prescriptions, falsely bill insurance companies, lie to help patients in court and SSDI.
He was partners with Dr.Ronald Knaus.
Criminals used these doctors along with Att.William Turkist

If you want to receive SSDI; don't say anything and use the above!

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