State revokes license of social worker LaChandra Parks

July 19, 2012

On May 4, 2012, the Board revoked the license of provisional clinical social worker LaChandra Parks for a minimum of five years.

The Board’s document states that it received two communications reporting that Parks engaged in unlicensed practice.

One of the reports stated that Parks was holding herself out as a licensed clinical social worker.

The Board found multiple and significant deficiencies in Parks meeting her requirements for the provisional license she held and deemed her ineligible for relicensure until she passes the required clinical examination, which has repeatedly attempted unsuccessfully.

Parks has two resumes with conflicting information as to her title and function. Parks’ provisional license expired in September 2009 but in July 2011, she misrepresented herself as an “MSW, LCSW” in her application for a position as a clinical director.


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