State seeks to revoke/suspend psychiatrist Douglas Geenens’ license for violations involving 21 patients

October 24, 2008

The Board of Healing Arts of the State of Kansas issued a Petition against psychiatrist Douglas L. Geenens, calling for the revocation, suspension or placement of limitations upon his license. According to the Petition, which contains 23 counts involving 21 patients, Dr. Geenens engaged in, among other things repeated instances involving failure to adhere to applicable standard of care to a degree constituting ordinary negligence; a pattern of practice or other behavior which demonstrates a manifest incapacity or incompetence to practice medicine; prescribing, dispensing, administering or distributing a prescription drug... in an improper... manner or for other than a valid medical purpose; failing to keep written medical records which accurately describe the services rendered and failing to adequately document the purpose for which an amphetamine [or other schedule II, III or IV drug] is prescribed and prescribing. The Petition describes numerous instances of Dr. Geenens prescribing to patients in the absence of proper medical examinations; filling and mailing prescriptions to patients who had moved out of state [and thus who he had not examined] and prescribing to individuals who, though related to his patients, were not actually his patients. Dr. Geenens had also been under investigation in the state of Missouri but agreed to retire his license in October 2007. He has been disciplined in the state of Kansas once before: In December 2004, the state of Kansas suspended his license for six months (with all but seven days stayed) for engaging in a sexual relationship with a former patient within approximately two months of the termination of the professional relationship.1

1 “Before the Board of Healing Arts of the State of Kansas, in the Matter of Douglas L. Geenens, D.O., license No. 522577,” Docket No. 09-HA-00059, filed October 24, 2008.


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