New York City psychiatrist collected reimbursements for 200 visits to non-existant shrink

May 30, 2012

Now that’s crazy: A real Manhattan psychiatrist collected insurance reimbursements for her own 200 “visits” to an imaginary shrink, prosecutors say.

Accused insurance scammer Dr. Sudha Kailas, 33, who until last year was affiliated with Mount Sinai Medical School, pulled her long black hair over her face to hide herself from photographers after she was released without bail from Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday.

Prosecutors hit her with charges of grand larceny and insurance fraud for allegedly falsely claiming to her insurer that she paid more than $50,000 for her mental-health treatment in 2009 and 2011.

Kailas did see an actual shrink 19 times, but also inflated the amount she paid for those visits, prosecutors say.

Source: Laura Italiano, "Shrink ‘insure’ stink," New York Post, May 25, 2012.


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