California psychologist board revoked Diana M. Elliott’s license for non-compliance with earlier discipline related to testing, testimony in divorce case

October 16, 2008

The California Board of Psychology revoked the license of Diana M. Elliott, Ph.D. for failure to comply with the terms of an earlier probation order against her.  In March 2004, the Board charged Elliott with gross negligence, dishonesty and repeated negligent acts related to her testimony in a divorce matter in which she reported the results of psychological tests according to her memory, which was later discovered to be faulty (did not correspond to the actual answer sheets she had on file) and that in response to the trial court’s order for her to send the original answer sheets to the father’s expert, she sent copies which were altered to make the father look more disturbed and mother look healthier than the actual answer sheets did.  Elliott had changed the test score answers. Lastly, Elliott failed to inform the court that the father was administered the test via an interpreter and failed to inform the court that her testimony was based on inaccurate information; her inaccurate testimony adversely affected the ability of the court to make an assessment of the child custody issues.  As a result, Elliott was placed on probation for three years with terms and conditions (which she did not comply with).


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