Psychology board puts Robert E. Brizendine on probation over meth use

May 4, 2012

On March 17, 2012, the California Board of Psychology revoked the license of Robert E. Brizendine, Ph.D. but stayed the revocation and placed him on probation for five years with terms and conditions.

According to the Board’s documents, Brizendine, who is listed as the President of the San Diego Neuropsychological Society, began using methamphetamine in approximately 2003 and was arrested in that year for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of the drug.

Brizendine’s current available curriculum vitae shows him to be in independent practice in which he provides forensic and psychological evaluation, consultation and treatment as well as expert witness testimony. He is also noted as being a clinical and research consultant in the chronic pain clinic of the U.S. Navy’s Naval Regional Medical Center in San Diego.
In a February 2010 interview with a district attorney’s investigator, he admitted to continued methamphetamine use under the following circumstances: In early 2009, Brizendine was receiving a lap dance at a strip club at which time the time the dancer provided him with contact information for a woman who could sell him illegal drugs. Shortly thereafter, he purchased $50 worth of methamphetamine from the woman.

At a later date around the same time, the woman came to his house with a male drug dealer who sold Brizendine drugs. This drug dealer subsequently took a photo of Brizendine smoking meth and used the photo to blackmail him for $8,000.

Brizendine allowed the woman and the dealer to access his place of business and his office. The dealer stole his laptop computer containing patient reports and work-related software and extorted $400 for its return. Two weeks later, the computer was stolen again but never returned. The dealer, at a later date, also stole Brizendine’s Porsche automobile.

The Board's document states that Brizendine "admits to the complete truth and accuracy of each and every charge and allegation in the First Cause for Discipline" listed in the Board's initial Accusation against him ("Use of a Controlled Substance or Dangerous Drug to an Extent or in a Manner Dangerous to Himself or to Another Person or the Public).

The Board also noted that he was subject to discipline due to the fact that Brizendine continued to work despite personal problems which may have impaired his ability and harmed clients. In particular, in legal cases in which he provided forensic opinions and reports, the verdicts could be subject to reconsideration or appeal any time the losing party came to learn he provided legal opinions while addicted to methamphetamine.

Terms of probation include reimbursement of $15,000 to the Board for its costs of investigation and enforcement.

2012-12-16 21:06:51
That is a horrible thing to say about Dr. BRIZENDINE and untrue due to the fact that doctorBrizendine must drug test weekly as a condition of his probation. I am not excusing his actions however, this is proof that drugs can destroy anyone no matter what your occupation or socioeconomic background is. I hope he is well and is rebuilding his life and his career. He is a good doctor and yes he did care about his patients.

2013-06-17 23:36:16
Dr. Brizendine is superior at his practice people, patients , and the public should not go by this article for their opinion of him. This story is twisted and in fact Dr. Brizendine was a victim of crime and now is being punished for being victimized by a low life scumbag. He is not at all the criminal he is a great Doctor, person, friend, and neighbor.

2013-06-18 23:46:26
I agree with the first person of comment this article is obsess and states many untrue facts it makes Dr. Brizendine out to be a drug addicted monster but in fact he is not. He is a highly educated Doctor who is very experienced at his practice. He has helped a number of his patients beyond his expectations. It's unfortunate what he is going through. It seems that our system is unfair and delinquent of doing what's right and punishing the wrong person. He is not the criminal HE IS THE VICTIM!!!! It is rediculous how these people are slandering his name in this article!!! PEOPLE OF THE PUBLIC SHOULD NOT RELY ON THIS NONSENSE AND SHOULD NOT PLACE ANY NEGATIVE JUDGEMENT on Dr. Brizendine because of this misleading article. Check his credentials they will speak for themselves. administrator
2013-06-19 09:22:10
This is not an "article". It is a summary of documents issued by the California Board of Psychology, containing the charges against him and the disciplinary action taken. If you feel it's slanted, you ought to let the Psychology Board know. If you think it's unfair, tell the Psychology Board. Psychcrime has only summarized the document issued by the state. It does not contain any opinions or editorial content. (Interesting note: Dr. Brizendine's supporters seem to be mutually illiterate, spelling the word "anonymous" as "annonomous.")

Susan Deegan
2013-10-17 14:44:30
Oh my God! I knew it! and I told my doctors that Robert Brizendine had been nothing short of sick, twisted and painfully abusive to me! I told them! I am contacting an attorney first thing in the morning, I want to see this smug, arrogant, sanctimonious, abusive Dirt Bag held accountable for what he did to me!!!! I knew it! And no one would listen! See you in court Dr. !#$!

2013-12-12 23:19:03

We need to have compassion for those who's lives are out of control. Bob is smart and caring and HUMAN! We all can fall from grace.We should not judge!
2013-12-16 13:28:52
I am sure there are a lot of people who have compassion for Dr. Brizendine. It's not Psychcrime's job to be compassionate; it's our job to inform and protect the public.

2013-12-21 10:24:43
About 1998, I went to the creep for an intake session. I ended up not staying as the receptionist was rude & when I told him about it, he was Rude also. I left & he was also mad that I had not filled out my paperwork in advance. Thank goodness I didn't as he tried to slander me & then he tried to put a lien on me for 600.00 for the bill.
When that did not work he put something on my credit report that affected my credit. I had to hire an attorney to get it taken care of. It took years & I think it finally just termed out. I was only in that office for less than 4 minutes. What an idiot and a criminal. He tried to ruin me when I would not stay & speak to him and fill out those papers.

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