Psychiatrist made up sexually derogatory nicknames for colleagues and patients

May 2, 2012

A doctor made up sexualised and derogatory nicknames for colleagues and patients where she worked, a disciplinary hearing was told today.

Dr Elizabeth Jasiak, 41, openly referred to workmates as 'Sausage T*ts', 'Jugs' and 'Douche Bag', and called patients 'Brain Stem', 'Dumbass' and 'Mr Piehole'.

The Polish psychiatrist was also said to have regularly remarked about the breasts of one colleague and asked her for a threesome with her girlfriend.

The incidents were said to have taken place while she worked in the 'highly stressful' environment at a unit in Staffordshire for patients with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour who were described as 'very vulnerable'.

A General Medical Council (GMC) fitness to practise hearing in Manchester was told that Dr Jasiak had made inappropriate and sexualised comments concerning the physical appearance of a health care support worker at Stonefield House in Stafford between August and October 2009.

Terence Rigby, for the GMC, said a number of remarks were made either to her or about her by the doctor.

'A number of examples were that she had "a nice rack" and was "stacked", referring to her breasts, and "I have only come down to look at your t*ts",' he said.

On another occasion the woman was restraining a patient when Dr Jasiak was alleged to have said: 'I wish that was me you were on top of.'

When she complained about the comments, the doctor was said to have told her she was 'joking' and later: 'I’m the doctor and can pull rank any time.'
Mr Rigby said another incident amounted to what was 'a proposition' when the support worker was asked by Dr Jasiak: 'Have you ever had out-of-relationship sex?'

The psychiatrist then suggested to her that she join her and a girlfriend for a threesome at a bed and breakfast hotel while her husband was away, the barrister continued.

Mr Rigby said the woman’s husband later confronted Dr Jasiak at a party about her proposal. He said: 'It is alleged that she said to him "why go out for hamburger when I have steak at home?"'

The doctor also gave nicknames to staff members such as 'Douche Bag' and 'Jugs' - another reference to breasts, the GMC allege.

One overweight male employee was labelled 'Sausage T*ts'. Dr Jasiak is said to have remarked in the office about him: 'I really enjoy making him blush, I said I would do him if he was a woman or he had a pair of t*ts.'

Another incident involved a 'feng shui' water fountain in her office which was positioned near a colleague who moved it because of the noise it was making.
Dr Elizabeth Jasiak, right, with her wife Yasmin outside the General Medical Council in Manchester today

Defiant: Dr Jasiak, right, smiles with her wife Yasmin

She was said to have exploded in anger and told her: 'That is my fountain, that is where it goes. If you don’t like it, I don’t give a s***. That is my f***ing fountain, it goes there.'

After her colleague had moved it, she is said to to have remarked: 'English people have no manners.'

Patients were also given jokey nicknames, the disciplinary sitting in Manchester was told.

Mr Rigby said: 'The suggestion is that she created derogatory names for patients which in effect mocked their disabilities.

'Nicknames given were "Brain Stem", "Dumbass", "Mr Piehole", "Whining Slugger" and "Pain in the Butt".'

He said that when Dr Jasiak left the employment of South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare Trust in October 2009, she posted a message on her Facebook account which read: 'Liz Jasiak has just been fired because one c*** complained I was sexually inappropriate to her.

'How people love to flatter herself. I do not go out for hamburger when I have a prime rib at home.'

Mr Rigby said the trust later instructed an IT expert to look at her work computer use between July and October 2009 where it was found she had used it 'hundreds of times' for personal use, which flouted work rules.

One day alone she spent eight hours on the computer while at work, he said.

'Sites used were Facebook, chat forums and looking at travel sites and ticket sites,' he said.

Dr Jasiak denies making inappropriate sexualised comments to a colleague known as GM and failing to treat her and other colleagues with dignity and respect.

She admits failing to show dignity and respect to patients, and inappropriately utilising a workplace computer.

Giving evidence, clinical psychologist Tracy Proctor said Dr Jasiak referred to a number of colleagues as 'Smurfs'.

The hearing was told two teams of staff were split into red and blue sections for a staff task and most of the blue team were small in height.

A male colleague with the name N O’Dowd was also referred to as 'Nurse Endowed' by Dr Jasiak, she said.

She said that the doctor’s comments about patients were never made in front of them and were intended to be jokes which Dr Jasiak thought were funny.

Mrs Proctor added she raised the matter with her superiors after recording notes of the comments.

Mr Rigby asked her what she thought of Dr Jasiak’s treatment to colleagues and patients.

'I felt it was incredibly disrespectful to both,' she said. She denied it was a matter of a clash of personalities and approach between the pair.

The hearing continues tomorrow.

Source: James Titcomb, "'Brain stem, Mr. Piehole and Sausage t*ts': Female psychiatrist made up derogatory nicknames for colleagues and patients," UK Daily Mail, April 30, 2012.

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