State suspends social worker Melodi Horne for sex with client

April 12, 2012

On February 7, 2012, the Virginia Board of Social Work indefinitely suspended the license of licensed clinical social worker Melodi D. Horne for no less than six months. The Board’s document states that Horne engaged in a personal, romantic and sexual relationship with former client fewer than five years after the October 2008 termination of their therapeutic relationship. Further, it states that she failed to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, failed to monitor progress toward the meeting of treatment goals and that she failed to keep confidential records of the client’s therapy in a secure place.

Source: Consent Order in re: Melodi D. Horne L.C.S.W. (aka Melodi Loggins), license no. 0904-006047, case no. 136296, Before the Virginia Board of Social Work.


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