Second time psychologist William W. Duffy has been disciplined by state for sexual conduct with supervisee

December 23, 2011

On April 15, 2011, the Minnesota Psychology Board place the license of William W. Duffy on condition and restricted status.

According to the Board’s document, between July 14 and July 31, 2009, Duffy directly supervised a graduate student (supervisee).

Duffy engaged in unprofessional conduct and in verbal or physical behavioral which was sexually seductive or sexual demeaning to the supervisee, to whom Duffy was providing face-to-face supervision.

The Board has restricted Duffy from supervising psychology interns and/or applicants for licensure in psychology.

This is not the first time Duffy has been discipline relative to his conduct with supervisees. In December 2004, the state Board of Psychology suspended Duffy for having a sexual relationship with a graduate student he was supervising, which he admitted to in a settlement with the Board. 

He also admitted he’d make inappropriate comments to another trainee regarding her appearance and asking about her boyfriends.  That trainee sued him for sexual harassment. Duffy was also assessed a $5,900 penalty in the 2004 action.

Source: Stipulation and Consent Order in the Matter of the License of William W. Duffy, Ph.D., License No. LP0153, Before the Minnesota Board of Psychology.


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