Virginia psychiatrist Wayne W. Chang suspended for trading Oxycontin prescriptions for sex

August 8, 2008

The Virginia Board of Medicine issued a Consent Order regarding psychiatrist Wayne Wei-Yuan Chang, whose license was summarily suspended by the Board on June 26, 2008. The Board’s Order states that “on or about September 6, 2007, during an office visit in which he was providing psychiatric services to Patient A, Dr. Chang prescribed OxyContin (Schedule II) to Patient A in exchange for sexual contact with Patient A.” The Order state that “from on or about June 22, 2007, to April 30, 2008, Dr. Chang regularly prescribed OxyContin, without medical indication, to Patient A. From on or about October 1, 2007, to April 30, 2008, Dr. Chang prescribed OxyContin to Patient A in exchange for Patient A’s agreement not to report the sexual contact to the Board.” The Board ordered that his license was to remain on indefinite suspension for no less than nine months.1

1 Consent Order, In Re: Wayne Wei-Yuan Chang, M.D., License No. 0101-226040, Virginia Board of Medicine, 8 August 2008.


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