Board issues complaint against psychologist Nicholas J. Constantine for attempted sex with patient

December 23, 2011

On April 2011, the Indiana State Psychological Board issued a complaint against Nicholas J. Constantine, Ph.D.

The document states that Constantine began seeing a patient on or about November 2, 2006 and that he took her out to lunch for her birthday in January 2007, which he claimed to have done because it was his birthday as well. He also began visiting her home in order to help her clean her kitchen.

In May 2007, he moved his sessions with her outside, first to a fountain near his office, then to the beach, where he would sit with the patient by a fire until sunset and later at the patient’s home, where he would bring dinner, wine and a movie.

At the last session, Constantine took off his clothes, tried to remove her clothes and attempted to initiate sex with her. He asked her to perform oral sex and she complied briefly before stopping. The document also states that Constantine brought a “little hand held vibrator” to the patient’s home. It “totally disgusted” her and she attempted to cease contact with Constantine.

The patient filed a civil action against Constantine. In that action, he signed an affidavit stating that that he apologized and acknowledged that he inappropriately had an intimate relationship with the patient, which was unethical.

Source: Complaint in the Matter of the License of Nicholas J. Constantine, Ph.D., License NO. 20041975A, Cause NO. 2011 ISPB 0001.

2012-01-06 01:43:44
A very similar experience happened to me by Constantine in the early 1990's. When I contacted the prosecutor I was told that nothing could be done because Constantine did not have a license at the time. The prosecutor told me he would keep my complaint on file because the time may come when my complaint may be able to help someone else. More than a decade later the Indiana state attorney contacted me. She stated that Constantine was being investigated for sexual misconduct. I told her I was not surprised. And after reading the above mentioned complaint I was not surprised to read that the sex Constantine wanted from his female client was oral. Some things never change.

Mary murrian
2012-01-07 12:14:30
Please forgive me for sending you another message regarding Constantine. Due to what happened between Constantine and myself I am fearful of the mental health industry so I only shared part of the story. I wanted to see what the response would be before I finished my story. I will be brief. Also please forgive that I am not using proper blocking with paragraphs. Constantine was single when we met as client /therapist. A few months after we met he married another therapist. My reason for going to therapy was concern for 3 daughters and their reaction to a second divorce. After I was satisfied that they were feeling better I intended to cease therapy. Constantine stated he wanted me to continue because he felt I still needed therapy. I agreed to return. He began calling me on Saturdays, and then suggested I see him at his private office as well as Lutheran family services which is where I began therapy with him. Within 8 months he was telling me he cherished me. While at Lutheran family services, and immediately after reading a journal entry regarding sexual abuse by my brother,Nick said he loved me. He placed me on the floor, got on top of me, and began kissing me. He called the following day and said he had to terminate therapy because he wanted me as a girlfriend. He did not suggest another therapist. I was frightened, confused,happy, sad. I was his mistress for 2.5 years, and then his wife for 6.5 years. My gentle,compassionate therapist turned into an emotionally,verbally, and physically threatening man to me, to my daughters. He would scream shut the fuck up so many times that I stopped complaining, stopped trying to please him, and started trying to figure out what the hell happened. I was at the book store and saw a book entitled Sex In The Forbidden Zone. I read the book and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I made plans with a girlfriend to leave his house while he was at work . My daughters were in college, and even though I didn't have a job or money I left. I became severely depressed and suicidal. Nick Constantine is a dangerous man who preys on vulnerable women. Prior to me he dated a client by the name of Kathy. Also, he told me he knew he could have his way with another client but never mentioned her name. He is a mean, manipulatIve, malajusted

Mary murrian
2012-01-07 12:45:58
(continuing from last posting) maladjusted man. I have found peace and tremendous happiness, yet I feel sadness for the other women he has harmed. I am sure his mother his dead by now, but I feel it is important to tell you he hates his mother with a passion. As a young teenager he would bring his friends over to watch his mother undress. They would hide in a closet and watch his naked mother get either dressed or undressed. At the age of 14 he molested his friend's sister while she slept. While my husband,he attended Adler Institute in Chicago and stole pieces of a test that had ink blots and cards and blocks. He stole the pieces that he could not replicate. He asked his parents for money to help pay his tuition but used the money for hair plugs. I lost ten years of my life because I was a trusting and loving mother who was trying to do the right thing for her children. My abusive childhood collided with Constantine's predatory ways, and I don't want any other woman to experience the same. Thank you for your time. Again, I apologize for the format of my letter. Sincerely, Mary Murrian.

Concerned Student
2017-02-01 15:47:53
Isn't it interesting that he now teaches Ethics at Cal College?

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