Washington psychologist Jeffrey Startzel, engaged in personal relationship with female client, suspended indefinitely

July 21, 2008

On July 21, 2008, psychologist Jeffrey J. Startzel was suspended indefinitely by the Washington Examining Board of Psychology for failure to comply with the terms of an earlier disciplinary order. In September 2006, Startzel was found guilty of unprofessional conduct. The Board’s September 22, 2006 Order states that Startzel provided counseling and psychological evaluations of a female patient with whom he engaged in “repeated inappropriate contact, both professionally and personally,” including meeting with the patient outside of the therapeutic setting for personal reasons and contacting the patient on her cell phone late in the evening on several occasions. He also failed to adequately document his treatment and evaluation of the patient.1

1 Order on Non-Compliance, In the Matter of: Jeffrey J. Startzel, Credential No. PY00002609, Docket No. 05-03-A-1031PY, Master Case No. M2005-11285, State of Washington Department of Health Examining Board of Psychology, 21 July 2008.


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