Psychiatrist Herschel Rosenzweig reprimanded for drawing patient in the nude

September 29, 2011

On April 7, 2011 the Arizona Medical Board reprimanded psychiatrist Herschel D. Rosenzweig for unprofessional conduct. According to the Board’s Consent Order, Rosenzweig treated patient “MW” for approximately 2 ½ year beginning in April 2008.

Rosenzweig “was concerned about MW’s financial difficulties and struggles to become independent. He had used his…office as a place to draw…models in the past and offered to give MW a modeling job that paid above the standard rate.” MW agreed to model and showed up at his office for this purpose three times, including one time in which she posed nude.

A review by a Board-referred medical consultant found that Rosenzweig established a dual relationship with the patient, thereby failing to uphold the standard of care.

Source: Order for Letter of Reprimand and Consent to the Same in the Matter of Herschel D. Rosenzweig, holder of license No. 13366, Case No. MD-10-1455A, Before the Arizona Medical Board.


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