New York psychiatrist who blacked out, killed three in road crash, disciplined by Board

June 20, 2008

On June 20, 2008 the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct published a statement reporting that psychiatrist Alexander Juwah was ordered by the Board to complete a continuing educational program in medical ethics and to undergo treatment for three years. This action was in response to Juwah’s criminal conviction for “offering a false instrument for filing,” which refers to Juwah having been found to have falsely reported on his driver’s license renewal form that he had never had, nor ever been treated for a medical condition that caused unconsciousness. Juwah was involved in an automobile accident in November 2006 due to having lost consciousness behind the wheel due to a seizure. Thee people were killed and five others were injured. Although police ruled the crash an accident due to the Juwah’s having suffered a seizure, it is alleged that a further investigation by the District Attorney’s office and the New York Police Department’s Accident Investigations Squad disclosed that on Juwah’s 2003 New York State DMV Driver’s License Renewal application he checked “NO” next to the question: “Have you had, or are you being treated for, any of the following – convulsive disorder, epilepsy, fainting or dizzy spells or any condition which causes unconsciousness—or has a previous disability worsened?” even though he was aware that prior to November 2003—when the application was filed—that he suffered from seizures and was taking medication for the condition. Juwah is then alleged to have signed his name to the application despite the fact that the application states, “I state that the information I have given on this application is true to the best of my knowledge” and that making a false statement on the license application “ a misdemeanor.”1

1 “Physician information, Alexander Juwah, M.D.,” New York Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline website entry and “Psychiatrist charged with giving false info to DMV,” The North Country Gazette, 9 August 2007.


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