Psychiatrist Catherine Munson loses licenses in New York and South Carolina for sex with patient

September 12, 2011

On August 1, 2011, psychiatrist Catherine L. Munson surrendered her license to the New York Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

This action was based on disciplinary action taken against her in the state of South Carolina for actions which, if they had occurred in the state of New York would constituted misconduct and grounds for disciplinary action.  Specifically, on August 6, 2010, the South Carolina State Board of Medical Examiners reprimanded and suspended Munson, based on findings that she began a sexual relationship with a female patient (“R.W.”).

The Order states that Munson “engaged in sexual relations with R.W. in various venues, wherein she became the subject of written, audio, and video recordings, with dissemination of the same by R.W.’s domestic partner.” 

Further, the document states that Munson became the subject of a purported blackmail scheme by R.W. and her domestic partner (a person Munson was familiar with, who was herself one of R.W.’s former therapists).

Munson did not seek police assistance with regard to the blackmail but instead attempted to cease communication with the patient and her partner, resulting in an escalation of circumstances in which the partner appeared at Munson’s residence and assaulted her. 

Source: Final Order in the Matter of Catherine L. Munson, M.D., License No. MMD 16094, Case 2009-218, South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Before the South Carolina State Board of Medical Examiners and Surrender Order in the Matter of Catherine Laura Munson, M.D., CO-10-10-6350-A, BPMC No. 11-189, New York Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.


2011-10-16 16:26:09

Dr Catherine Munson was NOT a victim of anything! She only "claimed" to be a victim when she was failing to get a restraining order AFTER notification of a lawsuit against her for sexual abuse of same patient.

She admitted in court (transcript of said hearing is public record)to having sex with this patient in the office as well as public places. She also stated she drank patient's blood and admitted sending numerous pornographic pictures of herself to patient via internet. She only at this time (the hearing) first stated anything about a "blackmail scenario". When questioned, she had NO evidence whatsoever of this; no note, no phone call, no media, no witnesses, no police report: NOTHING to support allegation. Dr Munson, being the "good doctor" she tries to portray with above allegation, did not seek help or tell anyone when her life, livelihood, was at stake?!?

Her word ONLY was given as "evidence", and her word has been clearly shown to be self serving and dishonest to that end.

She also alleges patient's partner assaulted her. Again, under oath, she could provide no proof at all. She referred to a police report made a different day than the alleged assault in which she accuses the partner, but had no witnesses or proof of alleged assault.

Dr Munson also further purgered herself, stating she broke off professional relationship and referred patient to another MD as soon as sexual relationship began. This is not true either as Dr munson wrote patient a prescription and made a future appt for patient on the day before complaint was heard by board on August 4, 2009.

Furthermore, the patient went to a "therapy" session on 7/24/09, (just a few days before complaint was made to board), during which patient took pictures of Dr Munson who was naked and posing on the sofa IN HER OFFICE. The patient received and still has a bill for $125.00 for "medication management / psychotherapy" for the date 7/24/09.

Statements from her office also reflect payments made for previous sessions as well. The patient never saw another psychiatrist until interventions were made by people trying to protect her and help her. This occurred in August, 2009. LLR of SC stated the victim and representatives would be called to attend and testify at a hearing; however, this was not the case, and these so called "findings" were published without any testimony by complainant and/or victim.

Dr munson also wrote the patient a prescription that was lethal if taken as directed. The patient noticed such a marked difference from her usual dose and called poison control who advised her of lethality and NOT to take.

It appears that in SC anyway, doctors protect doctors, not patients which is such a tragedy for those who put their trust and literally their lives in doctor's hands. She was only fined $1200 or so which is ludicrous in light of the pt being disabled and still to this day requiring intensive therapy to deal with the abuse by Dr Munson.

The restraining order the doctor requested was denied and is public record : State of South Carolina, County of York, dated 10/1/2009,
2009CV461034904; Catherine Munson vs, Jennifer Wolf and Reagan Wolf.

Ben Sheffler
2011-11-14 18:06:30
This is to twisted for words; the Doc here should never be able to not only practise medicine, she should be in jail!!!!!!

Only in SC...go figure, probably why she chose to practice in SC, her patients are a line up for who she feels like f@cking on any particular day!...This woman disgust me! This state board disgusts me more!

2013-12-31 11:05:36
I was a patient of hers until last summer. After 6 sixs, I said goodbye and good ridence. She looked like such a druggy, always running late, even when I was first appt. of the day. My new doctor and phychiatrist says she was overdosing me with too many drugs. What a douche. Why is she still practicing? Why is this being allowed? Someone please look into this. I already contacted my insurance company and they never followed back as promised with a paper trail.

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