Maine board issues warning to social worker Amy Eyles on confidentiality matters

August 11, 2011

On April 19, 2011, the Maine Board of Social Work Licensure issued a warning against licensed clinical social worker Amy L. Eyles for a violation of both the Board rules and the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics Provisions.

The Board’s statement of facts states that Eyles was providing both group and individual counseling to a client who left the group due to troubles with another member in the group. In e-mail communications encouraging the client to return to the group, Eyles discussed a new member of the group, including the person’s profession and professional difficulties and also discussed with the former client other group members, assessments of their participation in the group and also revealed some issues they were dealing with. 

The client objected to this pattern of sharing and Eyles apologized but repeated the behavior thereafter, leading to a second objection by the former client, who felt that her own confidentiality might also not be respected.

Eyles also engaged in e-mail communications with the former client which disclosed excessive personal information.

Eyles acknowledged the facts to be true.

In addition to the warning, the Board required that Eyles’ practice be placed under the supervision and consultation of an outside clinical social worker for two years.

Source: Consent Agreement, in re: Amy L. Eyles, Complaint #2010-SOC-6112, State of  Maine Board of Social Work Licensure.


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