Maine medical board reprimands psychiatrist Joshua Werblin

July 25, 2011

On June 1, 2011, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine reprimanded psychiatrist Joshua Werblin and fined him $4,000. This action was taken due to evidence in the Board’s possession that Werblin prescribed drugs to himself and to his girlfriend, who was not a patient and for whom he did not create and keep appropriate medical records. In a three-month span, Werblin issued 15 prescriptions for himself and four for his girlfriend, including prescriptions for controlled substances such as the stimulant Concerta. The prescriptions written for the girlfriend were actually for his own use.

Source: Meg Haskell, “Former Bangor psychiatrist fined, reprimanded for self-prescribing,” Bangor Daily News, June 2, 2011.


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