Psychiatrist Vladimir Rajkovic arrested for assault on prostitute

July 20, 2011

On June 27, 2011, psychiatrist Vladimir Rajkovic, of Harare, Zimbabwe was charged with aggravated indecent assault and charges of pointing a gun at another.

The state’s prosecutor alleges that On June 7 of this year, Rajkovic hired a prostitute for the equivalent of US $45 and that Rajkovic drugged her with a drink prior to the commencement of sexual activity.

It is further alleged that Rajkovic took photos of the woman after forcibly inserting a foreign object into the woman’s private area.

Lastly it is alleged that Rajkovic later phoned a friend, inviting him to bring his dog to engage in a sex act with the woman for the equivalent of US $330—something the woman had not agreed to do and vehemently refused to do, prompting Rajkovic to take out a gun and point it at her, before chasing her.

The woman made a report to police, who recovered both a gun and camera from Rajkovic’s residence. He is due back in court July 21.

Source: Moyo Roy, "Depraved psychiatrist doctor forces woman to sleep with dog at gunpoint," Bulawayo24 News, June 30, 2011.


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