Nearly 100 complaints in three days against psychiatrist Graham Burrows

July 20, 2011

According to the June 23, 2011 Herald Sun (Australia), the Medical Council of Victoria is monitoring allegations made by patients against University of Melbourne psychiatric professor Graham Burrows.

According to a television news investigation, nearly 100 people came forward against Burrows in a three-day period, with complaints including over-medicating, conducting 30 second consultations and having conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies.

The Director of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council called for the Victorian Government to launch an independent review of Burrows’ practice.

Source: Lucie van den Berg, “Heat turns on Melbourne University Professor amid allegations,” Herald Sun, June 23, 2011. 

Female lawyer
2018-05-08 22:56:37
This man physically assaulted me and then sexually assaulted me in a workplace. I was never his patient. I am a professional woman, who was working on a legal case in which he was to be a medical witness. He came up behind me with no notice when no one else was around, pushed me forcibly into a room, and did what he wanted, grabbing me and sticking his tongue in mouth. If this odious orange-haired and vertically-challenged toad was alive today, he would be quivering with the fear of disclosure, but back then, it was impossible for a professional woman to make a legal report. I still do not begin to understand how a medical professional who would understand how sexual assault affects victims would sexually assault women. I would like to think I was the only one, but I doubt it. I suspect many other female professionals were also victims, given the sort of attack I suffered. Hopefully, not his patients, who were the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. It is apparently wrong to speak ill of the dead, but I would say that if as a dead man you did not want anything bad said about you, then as an alive man you should not have sexually assaulted me (or anyone else). Burrows, every time I think of you, and now it is often with the #MeToo movement, you make me incredibly sad and sick to my stomach. You should be ashamed and so should any other man (or woman) who treats another person just like a piece of meat.

Jewell Meredith
2018-09-20 17:34:42
Professor Burrows had a devasting impact on my life.I am deeply sorry for the many of his patients who suffered at his hands and regret the fact that he died before he could be brought to account for his mistreatment of vulnerable people who came to him seeking his help.

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