Queensland psychiatrist Shariq Ghulam Yasin suspended for sex with patient

July 20, 2011

On or about July 13, 2011, the Queensland (Australia) Medical Board suspended psychiatrist Shariq Ghulam Yasin for two years for engaging in sex with a patient.

The Board’s Tribunal that heard the case was told that Yasin’s leg came into contact with the patient’s during the first consultation in early 2008.  He also gave her his cellphone number, resulting in a series of personal calls over the next eight months.

Yasin met with the patient in the parking lot of a shopping center on several occasions and engaged in hugging and kissing and also met up with the patient when he was away in another city, where the two engaged in sexual intercourse. It was after this that Yasin began attempting to end the relationship, resulting in the patient having to be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital.    

Source: Daniel Hurst, “Doctor feared breaking up with bipolar patient,” Brisbane Times, July 13, 2011.


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