Psychiatrist Liane Leedom's license reinstated with permanent restrictions

July 19, 2011

On October 19, 2010, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board issued a Reinstatement Consent Order on psychiatrist Liane Leedom, with permanent restrictions, and placed it probation for three years with numerous terms and conditions. 

The state of Connecticut reprimanded and restricted (to non-clinical practice) Leedom’s medical license On May 17, 2005 based on allegations that from approximately August 2002 through March 2003, while employed as the medical director of a methadone clinic, Leedom allowed her then-husband to engage in the unlicensed practice of medicine, during which he treated numerous facility patients and sexually assaulted female patients.

In January 2004, Leedom was charged with putting patients at risk and a variety of counts relative to defrauding the Medicaid program.  Thought the Medicaid fraud charges were dropped, Leedom ultimately pleaded no contest to the remaining charges of conspiracy to commit misuse of the title “doctor” and two counts of reckless endangerment and sentenced to two years of probation.

Conditions of her reinstatement include, among other things: permanent restriction from serving or being employed in any position as a director, manager or practitioner in charge or any medical facility or treatment center; permanent restriction such that she many only practice in an office setting that includes other physicians. 

She is also required to provide a copy of the reinstatement consent order to her employer, partners and/or associates at any hospital, clinic, partnership and/or association at which she is employed or with which she is affiliated or has privileges at.

Source: Reinstatement Consent Order in re: Liane Leedom, M.D., Petition No. 2009-0128-001-013, State of Connecticut Department of Public Health.


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