Court-appointed psychologist Janet Dix reprimanded

July 14, 2011

On June 3, 2011, the Ohio State Board of Psychology reprimanded Janet Dix, Ph.D. for issues of negligence, client welfare, confidentiality and competence. 

Dix is required by the Board to undergo an individual tutorial with a Board-approved psychologist to remediate her understanding of her roles in the matter underlying the complaint which resulted in the reprimand and to remediate misunderstandings regarding legal and ethical aspects of serving as a court-appointed psychotherapist.

Source: "Consent Agreements," Announcement issued by the Ohio State Board of Psychology, June 6, 2011.

2011-07-14 15:53:48
I am so happy this site exists. It would be so terrific if psychiatrists and their pals in pharma would actually be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes.

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