"Thoroughly dishonest" psychiatrist Maurice Saadien-Raad loses license in UK

July 7, 2011

On June 27, 2011, the UK General Medical Council struck psychiatrist Maurice Saadien-Raad from the medical register (revoked his license) for misconduct including inappropriate behavior with female patients and staff. 

Saadien-Raad, who is from South Africa, worked on a temporary basis at St. Michael’s Hospital in Warwick, England in 2003-2004. One St. Michael’s nurse would get up to five calls a day from him, during which he would make inappropriate comments about her personal life.

While employed elsewhere after leaving St. Michael’s, he befriended a patient and persuaded the patient to give him £50,000 and then made threats to kill him. Additionally, he attempted to get the patient to state he’d been driving Saadien-Raad’s car, in order to avoid a speeding ban and also asked him to be part of a civil partnership so that Saadien-Raad could stay in the country. When the patient refused, he asked him if he would ask his female friends to marry him.

He also befriended a deaf and seriously ill woman, persuaded her to loan him £6,000 and suggested they get married.

Lastly, Saadien-Raad lied to the GMC about his medical qualifications and his disciplinary record overseas, which is reported to include license suspensions. In summing up, the GMC panel stated: “Dr. Saadien-Raad is a thoroughly dishonest doctor who abused the trust the public places in the medical profession and used his privileged position to take advantage of others.”

Source: “’Thoroughly dishonest doctor’ is struck off medical register,” Leamington Spa Courier, June 27, 2011.


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