New York revokes psychiatrist Carlos Delos-Reyes' license for accepting kidney from patient, among other things

June 22, 2011

On or about June 16, 2011, the New York State Health Department revoked the licensed of psychiatrist Carlos Delos-Reyes for misconduct consisting of gross negligence, moral unfitness, willfully making a false report and failure to maintain adequate records for each patient.

The Health Department’s document states that between January 2010 and October 2010, Delos-Reyes failed to document a patient’s psychiatric, drug and alcohol use histories; didn’t note the patient’s adverse reaction to lithium, which he’d prescribed without first evaluating the patient’s baseline kidney and thyroid function; prescribing Xanax without documenting the prescription and with another patient, failed to coordinate his treatment with the patient’s therapist and did not appropriately follow up on the patient’s levels of valproic acid and did not refer the patient for metabolic lab studies. 

Further, Delos-Reyes accepted a kidney from a patient while serving as the patient’s psychiatrist and prescribed several drugs to the patient without adequate medical justification. 

In one instance, he allowed the patient to write his own prescription. 

The Health Department’s documents contain several other findings involving other patients.

Source: G. Jeffrey Aaron, “Elmira psychiatrist to lose license,” Star Gazette, June 16, 2011.


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