California board revokes license of therapist Mark Wagner for domestic stalking conviction

April 1, 2009

On March 3, 2009, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) revoked the marriage & family therapist license and licensed clinical social worker licenses of Mark Richard Wagner based on his having been convicted of a crime, among other allegations. 

According to the BBS’ Accusation, Wagner was convicted on or about August 27, 2007 on his no contest plea of stalking and violating a temporary restraining order (felony) and a misdemeanor vandalism charge. 

The document more specifically states that the circumstances of the crime were that Wagner “willfully, feloniously, maliciously and repeatedly followed and harassed [an individual] and made a credible threat with the intent to place her in reasonable fear, after having been in violation of a restraining order issued by the court; committed vandalism in that he willfully, unlawfully, and maliciously defaced, damaged, and destroyed personal property (the individual’s car tires).  Wagner violated the restraining order by not staying away from [the individual].” 

The court issued a restraining order on the date of Wagner’s conviction, effective for ten years, ordering him to have no contact and to not come within 100 yards of the individual or her two sons.

Source: Default Decision and Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against Mark Richard Wagner, a.k.a. Mark R. Wagner, a.k.a. Mark Wagner, Marriage and Family Therapist License No. MFC 19834 and Licensed Clinical Social Worker License No. LCS 10604, Case No. DL-2008-281, Before the Board of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California.

2014-08-10 07:44:18
This is my brother in law. He's been on the run since before he was convicted.

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