Psychiatric FAIL ends in death of 9-year-old boy

June 5, 2011

The psychiatric industry has for some time admitted they cannot cure any so-called mental disorder; they can only treat symptoms.  In the case of Stephen Paul Wolf, they couldn't even do that.  Late last week, an Oklahoma district court judge found Wolf not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2009 stabbing death of his 9-year-old son, Tommy.  Wolf, himself a medical doctor, is reported to have a history of mental illness for which he'd been treated by an unnamed psychiatrist since 1991. 

That psychiatrist ought to be named and his treatment of Wolf ought to be investigated.



An Oklahoma doctor who allegedly stabbed his 9-year-old son to death is due in Oklahoma County district court.

Attorney Mack Martin, left, talks with his client Dr. Stephen Paul Wolf who waived his preliminary hearing before Special Judge Larry Jones at the Oklahoma County Courthouse in Oklahoma City Friday, June 18, 2010. Wolf is charged with the stabbing death of his 9-year-old son.

A hearing for Dr. Stephen Paul Wolf is scheduled Friday before District Judge Donald Deason. He's scheduled to go on trial Monday.

Wolf is charged with first-degree murder in the Nov. 16, 2009, stabbing death of his son, Tommy, in the family's suburban Oklahoma City home. He's pleaded not guilty.

The 52-year-old Wolf has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his history of mental illness is expected to be a key issue in the case.

A psychiatrist Wolf has seen since 1991 diagnosed him with bipolar II disorder, which involves deep depression as well as manic episodes. Wolf had been prescribed a mood stabilizer and anti-psychotic medication before his arrest.

Source: "Nicols Hill doctor accused in son's death due in court," Associated Press, June 3, 2011 and "Oklahoma Doctor Not Guilty By Insanity In Son's Death," Associated Press, June 3, 2011.


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