Psychiatrist Karen Preis ceases practicing to settle multiple complaints against her

April 29, 2011

On December 3, 2010, psychiatrist Karen Preis settled several charges filed against her by the Vermont Board of Medical Practice by agree to cease practicing medicine in the state. 

Preis, who has a history of disciplinary actions with the Board including a 2009 suspension for unfilled taxes and a 1995 reprimand for repeated failure to provide her patients with requested records in a timely fashion, was facing four unsettled charges including a 2008 charge for not being in good standing with the state Department of Taxes for failure to filed her 2006 and 2007 income taxes; a 2009 complaint for abandoning a patient she had treated for five years by not returning his call to change and appointment time for at least a year. 

She also failed to provide his records upon his and his psychotherapist’s requests; a 2010 complaint for attending a meeting of one of her patients with staff of the patient’s child’s school, uninvited, and providing treatment recommendations while her license was suspended due to her tax situation and a 2010 complaint for failure to provide a patient his medical records.

Source: Stipulation & Consent Order, In Re: Karen Preis, M.D., Docket Nos. MPS 135-1108, MPS 46-0409, MPS 42-410 and MPS 55-0610, State of Vermont Board of Medical Practice.


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