State seeks to revoke counselor Mark Britain's license for sex with patient, other shenanigans

March 29, 2011

OK, this is how weird things are going to get: At one point during a woman’s relationship with her male licensed professional counselor, he stripped off his clothes and demanded she paint his body white while they were at an airplane hangar. 

An Amarillo counselor, Mark Britain, apparently used a unique approach to help a troubled couple — he had sex with the husband’s wife, according to state court documents in a disciplinary hearing.

According to testimony by a woman identified as “KFM” in court documents, she developed a sexual relationship with Britain during the same time they had a counselor-client relationship. KFM was swept off her feet after Britain called from a strip club asking for a ride home.

KFM testified that Britain, who was intoxicated, pulled her onto his lap and kissed her, according to court documents.

Eventually, a sexual relationship started.

At one point during their ongoing romantic and counselor-client relationships, KFM said, Britain suggested that they have a counseling session at a private airplane hangar. The purpose, he told her, was to acquaint her with airplanes to strengthen her relationship with her pilot husband (the wife of whom he was sleeping with).

“When she arrived, she testified, Mr. Britain took his clothes off and demanded that she paint him with white paint so that he could make an imprint of his body on a nearby red boxcar,” state documents say. “KFM testified that he became very aggressive and tried to take off her clothes, as well.”

KFM just couldn’t do that. She was on the phone at the time, interviewing for a job.

KFM also said Britain charged her for a social visit she made to him at his office and also testified that he showed her pornography, saying it would help her marriage.

Britain, who did not return a phone message to Watchdog, offered this explanation to the court: “...The referenced female was not my patient but rather a “friend” of a previous patient. Therefore, I don’t see the relevance of your involvement, the purpose of my response. Interestingly enough, this female and the previous male patient did call me indicating that they would be “asking for money.” Is that called extortion or blackmail? Might you ask them about that before you proceed much further? The agenda behind this complaint might become more clear.”

An administrative law judge recommended that Britain’s counselor license be revoked. Britain was previously disciplined in 2006 relating to “dual relationships and maintaining professional boundaries.”

Source: Darren Barbee, "Counselor: Having sex with me and painting and painting my nude body will help your marriage," "Watchdog Bytes" (blog of Fort Worth Star Telegram), March 29, 2011.

2012-08-19 00:59:18
Why is this man still alowed to be in practice? Seems like he was alowed to get away with this! I am sorry for his clients who don't know his history. Too bad for our community of Amarillo,Tx.

2013-01-21 22:09:34
I find it extremely frustrating that this man continues to counsel even though his licenses have been revoked. He seems to "explain away" any questions that clients approach him with by misusing his authority as a counselor! IE, claiming they have a diagnosis that is indicative of their "false reports". Please beware of any contact with this man. The clients that he has not approached sexually or for money really support him, aparently clueless to the extent in which this man is capable of lying to defend himself!

2013-10-20 12:58:43
Why hasn't anyone said anything about the women. I mean come on. There were TWO adults here and maybe the wife should have kept her pants on. She's sounds like a sleezebag to me. If my wife went to a counselor that was coming on to him, she would have told me and I would have went up there and punched him in the nose. That wife if just as much to blame as him. Women, cut the crap and mind your own business. I bet one of the two comments here was the cheating wife herself. Turn from your evil ways.
2013-10-21 07:48:06
It appears that the state of Texas ultimately did revoke Mr. Britain's license on 4/15/11.

The person who is objecting to the women filing complaints against their counselors: Your e-mail address domain is "" and I see that Mr. Britain's shenanigans took place, in part, in an airplane hangar. Is there a connection between you and Mr. Britain?

2015-12-16 12:11:35
I have sought counseling from Mark Britain on and off over the last 10 years with and without my husband present. He has always been very knowledgeable, helpful and extremely professional. The state proved nothing other than this woman was a mentally disturbed stalker. Shame on everyone involved who hurt this man and his family for their own personal gain.

2020-02-24 09:46:57
Wow lol i called this mans office today completely unaware of this. The only reason i googled him after was because I wondered why he didn%u2019t take health insurance at all. Now I see why! This really sad. I will definitely not be going to this douche for sure now. The f is wrong with him? I thought he had a douchey look now it%u2019s been confirmed.

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