Virginia psychiatrist loses bid to have license reinstated

January 31, 2008

On January 31, 2008, the Virginia Board of Medicine denied psychiatrist Martin Stein's petition to reinstate his license, which he surrendered six years ago for the questionable treatment of 10 patients, among them a 4-year-old whose legs he bound with duct tape.  The Board's review panel found that Dr. Stein had harmed 17 other patients by over-prescribing sometimes dangerous combinations of drugs, diagnosing nonexistent conditions and engaging in unethical behavior with female patients.1

1 Sandra G. Boodman and Patricia Davis, “Va. Doctor's misconduct left trail of broken lives,” Washington Post, 28 Sept. 2003 and Sandra G. Boodman, “Testimony at hearing seals fate of Arlington psychiatrist, Washington Post, 2 Feb. 2008.”

2013-08-10 03:44:57
My teenage son was a patient of Stein's. He did nothing to help him, overprescribed drugs that probably did long term damage, then abruptly closed his practice. Now I know why but we had no explanation at the time. I wonder how many lives he damaged. This guy is a criminal, incompetent, dishonest, unethical, and irresponsible. Let's see, what else? Well, he's just a piece of garbage isn't he? May he rot in hell and suffer until his end of days.

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