Oregon suspends psychiatrist Peter Morey as "danger to public and patients"

March 14, 2011

On January 6, 2010, the Oregon Medical Board issued an emergency suspension order on psychiatrist Peter Morey, citing “immediate danger to the public and his patients.” 

The Board found evidence of improper prescribing, boundary violations, inappropriate relationships with patients, confidentiality breaches and careless administrative practices. 

According to the Board’s order, Morey prescribed long-distance, discussed personal and sexual matters with patients and showed a semi-automatic weapon to a patient. 

In fall 2007, he dated another patient while he was still married.  Following his divorce, he engaged in a short-lived marriage to the patient (who also worked as a massage therapist in his office, partly during a period when she did not hold an active license). 

Lastly, he provided personal loans up to $500 to several of his patients and formed friendships with two other female patients.  He made inappropriate personal disclosures of a sexually explicit nature about himself to one of these patients. 

When contacted by the Board, he offered “misrepresentations” that contradicted evidence.  He is entitled to a hearing but must immediately cease practicing medicine.

Source: Order of Emergency Suspension In the Matter of Peter Samuel Morey, M.D., License No. MD 24236, Before the Oregon Medical Board.


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