State yanks license of psychiatrist convicted of stabbing patient with sword

February 25, 2011

COVINGTON, Ky. - A man who was a practicing psychiatrist in Covington has reached an agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to give up his medical license following an assault conviction.

Douglas Rank pleaded guilty to stabbing one of his patients multiple times with a sword back in February of 2010. The female victim was seriously injured, but survived the attack.

Rank, according to the Board of Licensure, had been disciplined twice previous to his arrest.  He had been charged with engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient and prescribing controlled substances to a female patient with whom he failed to maintain appropriate physician-patient boundaries.

Rank and the Board agreed that he would immediately turn over his license.  The Board will also not consider approval for Rank to resume an active practice until a minimum of two years after he is release from prison or two yeasrs after the date of the Order to Surrender.

Source: Phil Cantor, "Doctor convicted of stabbing woman with a sword loses license," Kentucky Post, February 25, 2011.


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