State suspends psychiatrist Rajen Desai on emergency basis; charges of inappropriate sexual behavior

January 31, 2011

On January 27, 2011, the Texas Medical Board issued an Order of Temporary Suspension or Restriction on psychiatrist Rajen Desai. 

According to the Board’s document, Desai treated three patients with whom he engaged in inappropriate, abusive/assaultive and/or sexually inappropriate behavior with three patients. 

Desai began treating “Patient A” in 2004.  After their first session, Desai appeared, uninvited, at A’s home and advised her she did not need medication, rather, she needed a boyfriend. 

The document states that Desai attempted several unsolicited embraces which were rebuffed by A, who demanded he leave her alone.  Desai left only after repeated requests.  “A” reported the incident to her counselor. 

Desai began treating a pediatric patient (“B”) in 2009.  During treatment visits, Desai flashed suggestive written statements to B’s mother and also made unsolicited phone calls and sent unsolicited text messages to the mother, asking her to date him. 

Desai treated “Patient C” during the period of approximately 2005 to 2010.  in 2010, he pursued an intimate/personal relationship with “C,” sending her unsolicited, inappropriate text messages.  Despite her rejection of his advances, he continued to pursue her. 

The Board evaluated Desai’s actions as demonstrating a pattern of inappropriate behavior, which, over a period of time, is likely to be repeated and thus constitutes a continuing threat to public health and safety.

Source: Order of Temporary Suspension of Restriction of Texas Medical License, In the Matter of the License of Rajen Desai, M.D., License No. J-1649, Before the Disciplinary Panel of the Texas Medical Board.


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