California revokes psychiatrist Thomas Daniels’ license for self-prescribing

December 19, 2007

On December 19, 2007 the Medical Board of California revoked psychiatrist Thomas A. Daniel’s license. According to Board documents, in 2005, “a former employee filed a complaint against (Dr. Daniels), alleging that he made inappropriate comments about his patients, divulged confidential information about them and was ‘disorganized and scattered,’” showing up excessively late or not at all for appointments. Patients complained that he was “wired and weird.” An investigation by the Board revealed that Dr. Daniels had been self-prescribing amphetamines and other dangerous controlled substances. A further examination by a physician deemed him unsafe to practice medicine.1

1 Default Decision and Order, In the Matter of the Accusation Against: Thomas A. Daniel, M.D., Case No. 02-2005-166930, Medical Board of California.


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