North Carolina and Colorado medical boards yank psychiatrist's licenses

April 24, 2006

On April 24, 2006 the North Carolina Medical Board revoked psychiatrist Christian E. Hagesith's medical license. Dr. Hagesith, who was also licensed in Colorado, had his license in that state revoked in November 1999 for becoming intimately involved with a married former patient who he subsequently married after she left her husband. A Colorado jury awarded the ex-husband $217,373 in damages in April 1998. Hagesith was expelled from the American Psychiatric Association in fall of 1999 for "unethical conduct." North Carolina suspended Dr. Hagesith's license indefinitely based on Colorado's actions. Dr. Hagesith was apparently granted return of his Colorado license in the interim but was forced to surrender it in November 2005 based on the finding that he prescribed over the Internet. North Carolina followed by revoking his license in that state.


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