Report: KidsPeace - Non-Profit but Still Not Safe - Police Calls for Service

Police calls for service

KidsPeace Bowdon: CCHR received records from Bowdon Police Dept. regarding KidsPeace’s residential facility in Bowdon, Georgia. Though the records for 2018 and 2019 are incomplete, the available data from 2017 to mid-April 2023 shows 119 calls for runaways; 32 calls for fight/dispute/assault/injury (including two 2017 calls for riot/fights involving numerous patients); 8 suicide threats/attempts; and 3 sex assaults.

Orefield, PA: Between 2016 and early 2021, there were 331 calls for assault/harassment; 232 calls for runaway/missing person/attempt to locate; 18 calls for sexual offenses including 2 rapes and 10 sexual/indecent assaults. There was also one suicide attempt, three incidents of disorderly conduct, and one each of endangering the welfare of a child and corruption of minors. Additionally, in 2020 and 2021, there were seven “ChildLine” calls from child protective services (i.e., when someone calls the child abuse hotline their report was referred to the state police).

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