Kentucky psychologist convicted in disability fraud scheme

On Monday, June 12, 2017, jurors found Kentucky psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins guilty of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and making a false statement on a record submitted to the Social Security Administration.

He took part in a massive disability fraud scheme in Eastern Kentucky along with attorney Eric C. Conn and Social Security judge David B. Daugherty.  Adkins was charged with signing mental-impairment evaluations on clients of attorney Eric C. Conn that Adkins had not actually examined.  Prosecutor Elizabeth Garland Wright said that Adkins received about $200,000 while taking part in the scheme. 

His sentencing is scheduled for September 22.

SOURCE: Bill Estep, "Pikeville psychologist convicted of fraud in disability cases of lawyer Eric Conn," Lexington Herald Leader, 12 Jun 2017,

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