Kansas suspends psychiatrist for controlled substance violations

December 14, 2007

On December 14, 2007 the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts issued a Final Order suspending indefinitely psychiatrist Ethan E. Bickelhaupt. Kansas State Board documents state, “The Board has received reports that (Dr. Bickelhaupt) issued prescriptions for Adderall and Klonopin in the names of two high school students and then paid the students cash to pick up the prescriptions from at least two different pharmacies. The students then gave (him) the prescriptions” and “There is reasonable suspicion that (Dr. Bickelhaupt) has the inability to practice the healing arts with reasonable skill and safety to patients…” 1

1 Final Order In the Matter of Ethan Bickelhaupt, M.D., Docket No. 08-HA00040, Kansas Board of Healing Arts.


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