Involuntarily committed? 72-hour hold? Know your legal rights (good information for lawyers and public defenders, too).

August 27, 2010

For 50 years, psychiatry has promoted its theory that the only “treatment” for mental “illness” is psychiatric drugs. However, not only is the drugging of patients unnecessary—and expensive—it causes brain- and life-damaging side effects. The simple truth is that there are workable alternatives to psychiatry’s destructive treatments and you as a patient have the right to refuse it.

Attorney Gary Brown wants people to know that they have a right to say no to psychiatric treatment and drugs, that emotional upsets are normal part of life—they are not justification for locking someone away as a danger to themselves or others.

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Nico Enrique Soliz
2011-07-14 01:10:51
My phone # is 661-993-8410. This is a long incident which ultimately led to the Santa Clarita sheriffs department tricking me in to handcuffing handcuffing me to the ground injuring my leg & bruising my face even though they had my fulll cooperation. His name was Sargent Dividian. He bruised my face & threatened to taser me three times when all & all the sheriffs had my full cooperation. There is much more to the story in which I would like to discuss with you on the phone. I did say I felt suicidal & had a plan. But the cops came over & I was very cooperative but the cops tricked me in to be handcuffed & officer Divisidian called me an asshole & a jirk several times. There is alot more to the story that stems back to ECT treatment which has kept me up for going on four days now plus I have a migraine for more than for days as well. Plus a lady on a so called "confidential" hotline lied to me. I believe ECT treatment has a big role in this. There is much more to this story. Please call me at 661-993-8410 so I can explain the whole story 661-993-8410

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