Alabama psychiatrist William Roddy arrested, charged with trafficking in a controlled substance

March 23, 2010

A Florence psychiatrist and his wife were arrested Sunday afternoon at a Huntsville hotel after prescription drugs and cash were found in their possession, officials said.

Dr. William Roddy, 50, 207 Woodridge Ave., Sheffield, and his wife, Wendy Sue Roddy, 43, were each charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, said Sgt. Mark Roberts, of the Huntsville Police Department.

Roberts said the couple was arrested at Embassy Suites, 800 Monroe St. S.W., Huntsville.

Reports indicate Huntsville police were called to the hotel's parking lot late Sunday afternoon in regards to a man in the

parking lot with a gun.

Roberts said when police arrived they found Roddy - who operates Shoals Psychiatric Medicine - in the parking lot with a gun. After taking him into custody and searching him, they found prescription narcotics and cash in his possession, according to police.

Investigators said the Huntsville-Madison County Drug Task Force was called and searched Roddy's hotel room. His wife was in there.

Roberts said during a search of the room, officers found more prescription drugs and more cash.

"There was $3,800 in cash and a large number of different kinds of prescription narcotics found on him and in the room," Roberts said.

Roberts did not go into details as to what types of prescription narcotics were found. Authorities said for the charge to be trafficking in a controlled substance, however, the pills had to be morphine-based.

After the couple's arrest in Huntsville, Sheffield police executed a search warrant at the Roddy's Woodridge Avenue home, Chief Greg Ray said.

"We were notified by Huntsville police of the circumstances and that during their questioning they had been informed that more prescription drugs and money were inside a safe at the Roddy's house," Ray said.

He said officers went to the house and found seven safes.

"We didn't have any idea which one was supposed to have the pills and money in it, so we had to pick one to try to open," the chief said.

He said detectives called in a locksmith who worked for more than two hours without being able to get it open.

"We even called Huntsville Police to see if they could get the combination from the Roddys," Ray said. "(The Roddys) wouldn't give us the combination; they said they didn't have it."

Ray said when officers couldn't get the safe unlocked, they searched the house and found other prescription medication that were seized.

Investigators said several prescriptions found inside the residence were ones Roddy had written to himself.

He said it's uncertain at this time if there will be any local charges filed against the Roddys.

Authorities said the couple were released from the Madison County Jail on Sunday evening on bail totaling $250,000 each.

Trafficking controlled substance is a Class A felony and is punishable by 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

Source: Tom Smith, "Psychiatrist, wife arrested," Times Daily, March 23, 2010.


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